Digital voucher system

Digital voucher system

We use cookies to help us improve, promote, and protect our services. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our cookie policy. Build personalized coupon, discount, referral, and loyalty campaigns faster. Our headless, API-first promotion management software empowers digital teams to build targeted coupon, discount, referral and reward campaigns faster.

Voucherify empowers marketers to enhance customer acquisition, conversion, and retention campaigns with personalized incentives. Our team of experts offers customized onboarding, strategy consulting, technical guidance and round-the-clock support. Build custom workflows suited to each individual or team with fine-grained privileges and custom roles.

Promotional offers and incentives are crucial to the growth of our business, so it is important that we choose a platform that meets all of our needs - ease of use, robust offer management system, scalability, high uptime, and a responsive customer service team.

Voucherify team really cares about our needs and has responded to and delivered on service and feature requests to ensure we achieve our goals. We are very pleased with the product and service we've received from Voucherify! The product design is broad, well-thought-of and covers most of the use-cases.

Tomasz, the founder, is really helpful and was always available even for the smallest assistance. The team is up to accommodate specific use-cases in their product roadmap. The documentation is certainly one of the best I came across in tech product eco-system. Overall, a highly recommended product for coupons, referrals, gifting, and loyalty.

Overall, Voucherify is an excellent platform for mid-large size businesses looking for a suite of promotional tools at a competitive price, with a marketing-friendly UI. We knew we didn't want to build our promotions system; we wanted to put something in place fast and in a way that gave us a lot of flexibility in the promotions we would run.

Voucherify was exactly what we needed! Their API was well documented and quick for our team to build against. We then expanded on the functionality to leverage the full range of options Voucherify provides when creating promotions. Now our marketing and growth team can easily, and quickly run promotions that target different schemes and users and no involvement from the dev team!

We have already used this to great success Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous - they are responsive and quick to answer any questions that have come up.

Getting Started. Voucherify Academy. About Voucherify. From the blog.

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Direct-to-consumer retail and promotional strategies for manufacturers and how to implement them. Login Get started Contact sales. API-first sales promotion engine Build personalized coupon, discount, referral, and loyalty campaigns faster Get a demo. What can you do with Voucherify See why leading brands choose promotion infrastructure Take control over promotion logic. Launch promo campaigns faster.E-Voucher is an electronic voucher system which enables merchants to easily generate, design and issue digital coupons or e-vouchers.

With E-Voucher, merchants can now conveniently set up promotional campaigns to reach more customers and increase sales. Everybody loves discounts and deals. E-Voucher helps you boost sales and grow profits by encouraging customers to spend more with the use of voucher codes.

Non-cash incentives create loyal customers. With E-Voucher, you can offer frequent shoppers with special deals and discounts to boost customer satisfaction. Vouchers or coupons are one of the most common tools used to draw attention among consumers and to raise brand awareness. Keep track of key performance indicators like voucher usage rate for financial and sales review. Define expiry dates, discount values, minimum purchase value, and design vouchers in your own image by choosing a layout, adding an image and more.

View specific transaction details of generated vouchers. Monitor transactions effectively in one dashboard. Select between barcode used offline or QR code type used online for the voucher code format. Choose your preferred discount type: Fixed discount e.

Engage more customers easily with special offers and discounts E-Voucher is an electronic voucher system which enables merchants to easily generate, design and issue digital coupons or e-vouchers. Optimize Conversion Rates Everybody loves discounts and deals.

digital voucher system

Build Customer Loyalty Non-cash incentives create loyal customers. Lift Brand Awareness Vouchers or coupons are one of the most common tools used to draw attention among consumers and to raise brand awareness.

E-Voucher Usage Report Keep track of key performance indicators like voucher usage rate for financial and sales review. E-Voucher Maintenance Define expiry dates, discount values, minimum purchase value, and design vouchers in your own image by choosing a layout, adding an image and more. E-Voucher Transaction Report View specific transaction details of generated vouchers. Voucher Code Type Select between barcode used offline or QR code type used online for the voucher code format.

Discount Type Choose your preferred discount type: Fixed discount e. Broadcast Type Issue and distribute all generated vouchers to your customers via email or SMS easily. How It Works. Follow Us:. We provide secure and seamless electronic payment solutions for both SME's and large enterprises.

Our online payment system delivers reliable merchant services that allow businesses to accept online payments ranging from credit cards, internet banking, cash or over-the-counter payments, e-Wallet payments and PayPal.A stand-alone system that has been designed to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of physical vouchers, from product creation through to PIN generation, voucher manufacture, warehouse handling, dealer distribution, and finally, redemption. VMS is a business tool that allows prepaid service providers to manage the unique complexities of the supply chain and to add value to their prepaid business and their distribution partners.

It is a voucher management system for next-generation networks and forward-looking prepaid operators that can be deployed on a dedicated platform or a private or public cloud infrastructure.

It provides control and visibility over the business that enables better decision making, drives efficiencies and savings, and allows the prepaid operator to add value to their distribution partners. Voucher Management System assists with resolving day-to-day operational issues confronted by many prepaid operators. It streamlines and coordinates the dynamics of the complex supply-chain inter-relationships, and assists in meeting the commercial obligations within the ecosystem providing the prepaid operator with competitive advantages.

This results in enhanced service to their distribution channels and a more reliable product supply for their customers. Voucher Management System. Who can use it? What is in our offer? Contact Now.As a precautionary measure towards reducing the impact of COVID Corona Virus, our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and following the measures taken by the Jordanian government, we have asked our teams in Jordan to attend to their work tasks from home as of today, March the 18th.

The support operations will be running normally as our team will continue to have access to email, phones, online communication tools such as Skypeand our technical support system, ESKA IMS. We look forward to moving on and getting operations back to normal as soon as possible; we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Thanks to this electronic voucher system, you can do so much more with less effort. E-Voucher A pressure to digitize forms of payments has led telecom providers to expand their systems, one of which includes e-vouchers. With more people going digital, they no longer want to deal with the hassles of manual transactions and subscribers need an easier way of recharging. This is why communications companies are now expanding their need for resellers.

E-vouchers provide the perfect platform to do just that. The aim to meet demands while saving cost and increasing income creates an important role for resellers to take part. Now consumers can easily approach their nearest resellers and pay through direct and simple means.

This handy system acts as a great substitute for telecom companies looking to perform easy and convenient credit top-ups for prepaid subscribers. Resellers can easily process top ups using different and friendly interfaces. You no longer need to worry about managing your recharges thanks to this convenient system, making recharges available anytime anywhere. Efficient, environment-friendly and low-cost voucher. Protection against theft and reduction of fraud risk.

Advanced reports and statistics. Easier operator management of re-sellers distribution cycle and their commissions.

Reduce scratch card printing, distribution and stock costs. Guarantee stock supply in the distribution network, increasing availability.

Low cost and no added costs per transactions. Retain and grow existing clients through enhanced merchant offering. Better commission management along the distribution chain. Greater visibility and monitoring of the distribution chain and customer behaviour. Incorporate new micro balances recharge vouchers. Stimulate prepaid market growth and market share. Reduce IVR traffic due to prepaid recharge process.

Provide reports and statistics for distributors, top-up transactions, etc. Key features Multilingual capabilities. Provide powerful internal security, such as user passwords, vouchers PINs, etc.

Support a wide range of distribution channels and top up transactions, including on-line and off-line recharging. Provide a web-based GUI that is easily assessed from any terminal connected to the internet. Record any transaction or event performed in the system. Create different access levels for your operation process. Produce advanced and customisable reporting features and information statistics. Comments Please include any additional comments or information.

Our Customers. All Rights Reserved.Unleash the true power of gift vouchers with a feature-rich e-shop. A beautiful online store, it allows guests to buy gift vouchers directly from your website, multiplying your sales.

Gift Voucher Engine enhances guest experience by giving them the ability to buy experiences from your existing website with our simple and mobile-friendly design. Set up full user access to the system for your staff as required without compromising any security standardsmaking back-end management extremely simple. Watch your online voucher sales grow significantly with Gift Voucher Engine. Toggle navigation. Gift Voucher Engine Unleash the true power of gift vouchers with a feature-rich e-shop.

Schedule Free Demo. Mobile Friendly.

digital voucher system

Access Controls. Grow Revenue. Perfect For All. Ready to use e-shop. Stay in control. Wave manual processing goodbye, save time and make money with the Gift Voucher Engine. Grow your revenue. Made for everyone. Trusted by World's Leading Hotels. Get Started Today. Trusted by over 10, properties in 90 countries.What do they mean when they bring up this term?

As you might expect with any political issue, the possibility of a voucher system can often prove contentious, so here are the basics of what you need to know to ensure that you can follow along with the conversation about such a system. In certain circumstances, families end up paying for two types of schooling simultaneously: The Public school in their community paid for through taxes, and a private school or home school experience the student actually attends paid for through tuition, fees, and cost of materials.

How to Promote Student Autonomy in Online Discussions With the move to online learning, getting students engaged in their own Why Students Benefit from a Digital Classroom As schools move to eLearning, cultivating an effective digital classroom is How Teachers can Utilize Zoom for Online Learning With the shift to distance learning, having the right instruction tools is Vouchers are largely an economic issue; families who want to send their students to a private school often cannot afford it without the assistance of a voucher.

Milton Friedman - Public Schools / Voucher System

The subsidy provided by the voucher helps parents afford the typically high tuition costs of private schools. This means that in areas where public and private schools are near one another, the private school becomes more of an economic feasibility if school vouchers are provided for families.

Families hoping to send their children to private schools with the help of vouchers means that they now have a choice: They can send their children to the public school or the private school, whereas the private school may have previously been economically out of reach.

This could make a big difference especially for students in low-income and low-achieving public schools. And the result of this choice is improved competition, as both public and private schools must work better to attract the most and the best students.

Proponents also point out how increased competition and increased privatizing of education could lead to lower cost-per-pupil expenses. From this vantage point, vouchers provide choice, increase competition and improvement, and lead to more cost-effective education. First, providing vouchers usually means taking money away from public schools. If public schools are funded with tax dollars, and a portion of those dollars are reallocated to a private school via a voucher program, then the public school receives less funding.

In addition to reduced funding for public schools, there is no guarantee that children attending private schools would fare any better. So redirecting funding to private schools via a voucher program means that public schools are worse off, without any substantive guarantee that private schools would be better off. Also, the public has a high degree of involvement in public schools as they can elect board members, approve budgets, and participate in meetings.

None of this is true for private schools; so an increase in private school attendance would lead to a decrease in participation and control by the public.

digital voucher system

Plus, private schools run their own agenda when it comes to standards, assessments, evaluations, and so on, meaning that there is less accountability and oversight of these institutions. Proponents of the voucher system promise increased competition between schools that lead to improvements, but what others point out is that this creates increased competition between students.

All students will, naturally, want to attend the highest performing schools. In its most diabolical form, a voucher program could lead to even further segregation of students along lines of class, racial, or educational ability.

At its best form, a voucher system promises improvements for students and for schools; at its worst, it divides students against one another and actually makes education worse. So which is it?

There are no definitive answers, but we can look to states and communities that have implemented voucher systems as guidance for what provisions, in reality, may work best. There is a wide variety of ways for vouchers to be funded by states and for students to be selected in a manner that approximates fairness and equality, and currently 13 states have experimented with options. The National Conference of State Legislatures NCSL provides a useful breakdown of state voucher programs, including the types of variables states must consider.

They note that states must address where the program will have effect, which students are allowed to participate, what is expected of private schools, and how many vouchers for how much money will be awarded each year. These are challenging questions to address, as every response is likely to simultaneously create a solution and a new problem. Consider for yourself what opportunities vouchers in your community might open or close, and listen carefully to your candidates as they discuss vouchers and education.

Hopefully you understand the implications on either side of this debate a little more!All the nuts and bolts you need to create, distribute, redeem and manage for Digital Coupon, within one powerful platform on the cloud. We provide a comprehensive on-demand Digital Coupon Platform for any businesses to create, distribute, redeem and manage coupons. It is simpliest way ever, the businesses can create marketing campaigns with coupon, self help all the way, no technical skill is needed.

Alternative businesses can integrate into existing or new system with our APIs. Digital Coupon can be the cheapest and most effective way to do the marketing campaign, it is environmental friendily too.

Beside it is traceable and it takes a very short period of time to create coupon so the merchant can react to the market very quickly. We can help businesses with coupon advertising campaign.

These marketing campaigns can generate more sales and increase customer loyalty. We helps the merchant to achieve not the same but better results for their businessess by leveraging on our platform and expertise in Digital Coupon marketing. We believe that Digital Coupon is one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses to engaging an O2O experience for their customers. We obsessively seek out elegant, compassable abstractions that enable robust, scalable, flexible integrations.

Because we eliminate needless complexity and extraneous details, you can get up and running with Mezzofy in just a couple of minutes. Our platform provides seamless Digital Coupon allocation and issuing, and pay-as-you-use.

And the platform is very scalable from a self-employed professional or freelancer, without any shop, a single shop or a multiple chains shop busniess. Businesses can self create Digital Coupon to drive more sales or even just create one special Digital Coupon for one special customer.

The Voucher System of Control

We charge only base on your usage on the platform and services that you engage with us for a sustainable business eco-system. We believe in a win-win situation when business can save on costs while leveraging on digital technology to engage with millennium customers of theirs. No Apps to be installed for your customer. Review the Data to understand more about your Campaign too. We provide all the Tools that you need to get started. Contact us to start disucssing on how we can help and do more too.

They can provide you with local support. And we are expanding to include more countries soon. Engage more with our Local Partners. Do you believe in using Digital Coupon? And if you have great networks and wanted to work with us to start your own business.

Do contact us to start disucssing on the opportunities on becoming the next Local Partner. Start creating, distribute and accept your first digital coupon in minutes.

We offer solution for Non-Developer and Developer. Mezzofy libraries are also available for you to integrate into your existing website or mobile apps. And it's Free. Drop us a message and we will get in touch with you. We love to share more about how our platform can support your business needs. Thank You. Watch Video.

Developer-friendly API & native plugins

Free Trial. Distribute Flexible to use combination of various channels to distribute the digital coupon. Redemption Provide effective methods to process redemption for the digital coupon. Paperless Save our earth by going green with paperless coupon. Go Digital Go Green.


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